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Some News

Posted Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:02 am


So its been a while since there's been an update post.  Like I posted previously, with work and school I haven't really had the time to work on these like I'd like to.  My school ended shortly at the end of May and I had a week before summer classes started.  I worked on the conversion that week but only got about 2 pages finished.  I've finished summer classes now, but in the past few weeks I've taken on a freelance job from someone I met from work and that is basically going to use up my free time at home now.  Therefore, just so people aren't expecting anything, I'm going to officially say, development on the scripts is on hiatus until further notice.  If you're on the hosting don't worry, I still check the support email everyday.  The hosting is fine if you want to stay on it but I understand if people want to look elsewhere.  I will try to check the forums when I can, but likely only going to respond to major bugs.

Hope you guys can understand :)



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