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posted Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:02 am


So its been a while since there's been an update post.  Like I posted previously, with work and school I haven't really had the time to work on these like I'd like to.  My school ended shortly at the end of May and I had a week before summer classes started.  I worked on the conversion that week but only got about 2 pages finished.  I've finished summer classes now, but in the past few weeks I've taken on a freelance job from someone I met from work and that is basically going to use up my free time at home now.  Therefore, just so people aren't expecting anything, I'm going to officially say, development on the scripts is on hiatus until further notice.  If you're on the hosting don't worry, I still check the support email everyday.  The hosting is fine if you want to stay on it but I understand if people want to look elsewhere.  I will try to check the forums when I can, but likely only going to respond to major bugs.

Hope you guys can understand :)



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posted Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:15 pm


A new theme is now up on the themes page for World of Tanks.  You can see a demo of it right now at: 

I haven’t worked much on new features for the scripts since the last update.  Just been checking the forums for any bugs and been trying to fix those as they come up. 

I started my first real web development job at the beginning of January.  I’ve only ever done fun side projects on my own and so working with a team for the first time I’ve learned a lot of good methods to organizing your code.  I kind of want to re-organize everything like how it’s done at my job now.  It will make maintaining and managing the Clan Scripts a lot easier.  I’m 90% sure I want to do it, but it will be a massive overhaul, it might even mean making it version 5 just because a lot of the code will probably have to change.  I’ve also learned a ton about SQL and making way more efficient database queries.  If I were to start a version 5, it would probably mean an end to any new features on v4.  I’d still work on fixing bugs, but that would most likely be it.  But the good things to starting a new version would mean I’d be able to plan ahead for a lot of things that I’ve learned from building v4, like mobile friendliness, plugins and those kinds of things that are really hard to implement after a ton of code has already been written as it is with v4.

I’m still mulling this over in my head, but I really want to do it.  Let me know if you hate the idea or if you like it in the comments or on the forums.

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posted Thu Jan 1, 2015 2:37 am

Happy New Year everyone!  The new update is finally ready.  Here is a download link:


As always, if you are updating from a previous version, please make a backup of both your files and your database before you run the updater.  Also if you are updating, I suggest, for a more seamless transition, first uploading the installer folder, running it, and then uploading the entire package.  If you upload everything all at once, your site will temporarily not work until running the updater.

Now for whats new in this update:

The main feature that was added in this one was new e-mail notifications.  You can now choose to receive e-mails when you get a PM, someone posts in a topic you started, or someone posts in a topic you also posted in.  You can also now receive e-mail reminders about events and tournaments starting.  A new option will be shown under My Account > Account Options > Email Notification Settings where you can modify which notifications you want to receive.  I suggest not to make your reminders send on too short notice.  It checks if e-mail reminders need to be sent by default every 30 minutes, you can change this in the Website Settings page.  I’ve also added the ability to e-mail members from the Compose Private Message page.

Other things that have been added are: 

1) Setting Member’s Rank from the View Member Application page (You need to have access to the Set Member’s Rank console option for it to show).

2) For events, you can set who attended/didn’t attend in bulk from a single page, rather than set each person’s status individually.  Once an event is over, a Set Attendance page will appear in the Manage Event page.  The event info page also groups the invite list showing the event managers (member’s with an event position) first, then separate sections for attended/attending, not attending/not attended.

3) Forum Stats, Unread Posts page and Recent Posts page.  The forum stats are shown at the bottom of the main forum page as well as links to the unread and recent posts pages.  You can also set how long to show unread posts as “new” from the forum settings page.  Previously after 7 days if you hadn’t viewed a forum post, it’s new indicator would disappear, now you can have that be however many days you want.

There is also a new theme based around Destiny.  You can view a preview of it here:

Let me know if you find any bugs by posting in the forums.

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year!

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posted Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:58 am

I’ve finished school for the semester so I am going to be free for the next two weeks to work on the scripts.  I got a lot done last night and tonight with the scripts so I will have the update ready by the end of the year.  I have the e-mail notifications 99% finished (need to just set up a page that gets pinged every few minutes to check for notifications to send out) and mass e-mailing is finished. I said in my last post that I wanted to work on tournaments as well, I think that may need to be pushed to a later update. I’m starting a new job in January and I need to practice up on some things before I start.

Other new things that will be in the next update are added “Attended”, “Excused”, “Unexcused Absence” as statuses for event attendance.  It now will show these statuses after an event has occurred.  Also, for the forum there will be a page that displays all unread posts and also a page that shows the most recent posts.

I will also have a new theme, it will be either Arma 3, Sniper Elite or Destiny.  All of these were posted in the forums, so if you have a theme you’d like to see post it there or in the comments below.

And lastly, I want to apologize for no updates the past 2 months.  I don’t really like giving excuses, but I have just been really busy with school and life stuff, I just haven’t had as much time.  The same thing kind of happened last year, I kind of fizzled out towards the end of the year :\ The next blog post will have a download link for the next update though! :) 

Thanks for reading!

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posted Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:28 pm


There hasn’t been a blog post in a while so decided to update everyone on what’s been happening.  I have been pretty busy the past few months with school and trying to find work so I haven’t had as much time to work on the scripts as I normally do, hence the lack of an October update.  The next update will be a larger one than normal though so that will always be good.  My plans are to have a fully working e-mail notification system.  E-mails for events/tournaments/PMs/new forum posts etc.  There will of course be an e-mail settings page so this can be turned on/off however people want. 

Another thing I want to do is add in a points system for tournaments, this way past results can be carried over to new tournaments and seeds can be determined on how you’ve done in other tournaments.  I am also going to be adding in double eliminations and ladder style tournaments. 

There are a couple of really good suggestions on the forums that I’m planning to add in as well.  I have a new theme that’s based on Star Wars the Old Republic and I’ll likely release it some time within the next week.  You can see a preview of it on my twitter.

As always thanks for reading and supporting the scripts!  If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to tweet me @Bluethrust, post in the forums or leave a comment below.

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posted Tue Sep 9, 2014 12:10 am

A new update is out!

Download Here:

The two big things in this new update are an improved sign up form and a plugin.  **Also, the new changes didn’t affect the database in anyway so if you are already running a site you do not have to run the updater this time around. You just need to upload the files.**

For the improved sign up form, you can now connect profile options to member application components. This will allow for members to, set their games played, recruiter, etc through the sign up form. When their application is accepted the values will roll over to their actual account, unlike in the past only the username, password and e-mail would stick with the account.

The Twitch plugin creates a new page on your site that displays all users that have added a Twitch username in their profile. To view a demo page of this go to: Once you install the plugin, go to it’s plugin settings page and select the correct social media to connect it to. It will automatically select Twitch if you have it added to your site already, otherwise a link will appear letting you quickly add it. Once it’s set up, anyone can add their twitch username to their profile and it will show up on the Twitch Streams page.

Other than that, I’m continuing to work on converting everything over to make it easier to start developing themes that are mobile friendly. That’s still a little bit away from being done, but it’s slowly getting there :)  I’ve also added in quick reply on the forums, so now there is a way to just reply on the topic page rather than going to a new page to make a post.

For new themes, there are 3 this time around: Ribbon WoW, Ribbon Camo and Ribbon DBZ. They are all similar styles, though they are based around different themes. One is based around World of Warcraft, one is an army camo style theme, and the last is a DBZ theme. I had a request for all three of these styles and being that most of the past few updates have been more reorganization rather than actual new stuff, I felt adding more than 1 theme at a time will hopefully make up for it. 

For the next update, I’m going to be putting most of my focus into e-mail notifications and just in general making e-mail from within the scripts better. My main goals are to set up notifications for when tournaments or events are about to start, when you receive a PM and also a way for leaders to e-mail everyone in their clan through the site. I’m going to make it so you can turn the notifications on/off as well.

That’s all for this update. If you have any questions feel free to comment below, post on the forums or tweet at me @bluethrust.

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posted Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:40 am

This is more of an update on the hosting rather than the scripts, but this past week I’ve been working on getting Mumble servers for the hosting accounts.  I want to run some tests and see how well they run quality wise before I go fully live with them, but I’m planning to have them ready by August 20.

The hosting prices will be going up slightly however anyone who currently has an account will stay at the same price (as long as their subscription stays active).  That means, if you get a hosting account anytime between now and August 20, you will effectively get a lifetime discount on the hosting.  So if you were thinking about signing up, now is probably a good time to do so :)

If you have any comments or questions feel free to post them below!

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posted Wed Jul 9, 2014 10:38 pm

The new update is ready!  Download here:

** I’ve made some major changes to themes (code wise), so you must download a new version of your theme as well in order for everything to work correctly.  If you’ve made big changes to your theme, I can help you out if you need it.  PM me on the forums and I’ll see what I can do.  Also, be sure to back up your database and website before running the updater! **

For the update, the main feature that has been added is the donation plugin. I still haven’t made a plugin page yet so it comes with the download of the scripts.  To install it, go to My Account > Administrator Options > Plugin Manager and it should be listed as one of the available plugins.  Once installed, make sure to fill out the settings page so you can fill in your paypal e-mail address.  A new My Account category called Donations will be created once it’s installed and from there you create and manage your donation campaigns.  A campaign can run forever or until a specified date.  It can also be recurring.  Also, a new donations menu item will be available when you are adding menu items.

The next thing that’s been added is custom social media icons to member profiles.  They were originally hardcoded in for only a specific few.  Now, you can add and change them through the My Account > Social Media Connect section. 

Lastly, I made it so you can change the clocks that normally appear in the top middle of the page.  When you are updating, there won’t be any clocks at all, you’ll need to add the ones that you want through the My Account page.  If you fresh install, it comes with US timezone clocks.  The admin options are listed under My Account > World Clocks.  Also, from the World Clocks Settings page, you can choose the default timezone that you want your website to operate under. 

That’s about it for this update.  I made some other visual changes.  On the Forums and News pages, the page selector is no longer a dropdown, its now a list of links for each page.

For the next release, I’m not sure if I’ll work on any big features like the donation plugin was.  Going to focus on smaller improvements and getting everything converted over to the new way I’ve been coding things.  The new theme is called Blue Grid (I’m bad at naming these things :D ).  You can check it out on the demo site or from the themes page.

Almost forgot, towards the beginning of June right after the last update I started working on a wiki.  There isn’t a ton of stuff posted on there but you can check it out here:

Let me know about any bugs you find in the forums or post a comment below!


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posted Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:36 pm

The next update is almost ready!  All the new features are done, but as I continue to fine tune anything related to themes, I need to go through and get each theme up to date.  I got rid of the separate btcs4.css file for each theme and made a universal one that uses a config file to get some basic info.  Any custom stuff can still be done within a separate stylesheet.  I did this because it allows me to make minor changes to the btcs4.css file without always needing to go and update every theme’s css file.  There’s 22 themes, so getting them all updated is going to take some time :D.  I’m also going away next week and I don’t want to not be here in case of any major bugs.  I’ll have my phone and laptop with me in case anything happens related to a hosting account.

With that being said, I’m going to say the next update should be out the second week of July.  The main feature that is coming with this update is the donation plugin.  It is completely optional to use and will work similar to the social media plugins.  You can install/uninstall it and don’t even need to use it.  This is the first “official” plugin that’s taking advantage of the new hooks that I added in, so I’m excited about that.  Basically, for non-programming nerds, this plugin modifies the Add Menu Item and the Edit Menu Item pages, without actually editing code on those pages.  So hopefully in the future people will be able to make their own plugins without modifying the base code as well!

Lastly, I’m starting to use github more for keeping track of changes and kind of as a back up.  So if you are a programmer and want to make any additions, feel free to here:  Mostly everything (except for the themes) gets pushed to it, but I wouldn’t download the scripts from there and use it for your site.  I don’t always put a new sql file and there may be bugs.  It’s meant solely for development purposes.

That’s all for this post.  Thanks!

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posted Wed May 21, 2014 1:07 am

Hey guys!

I know its been a while since the last update.  So here it is!  As always before you run the updater please I BEG YOU, ON MY HANDS AND KNEES, MAKE A BACK UP OF YOUR DATABASE! :D  I’ve tested it about 10 times, it worked for me, but the off chance that something goes wrong and you lose your database, you’ll need to start over and enter everything in again.

Also there is new css that needs to be added to the btcs4.css file for your theme.  If you want to you can redownload your theme, or I’ve made a post on the forums here with the exact code that needs to be added.

As for the update.  This is a smaller update feature wise.  There’s only about 3 new things that were added.  If you’ve been on the forums, you probably know already but if not, I’ve been spending most of my time re-working the scripts.  I’m trying to set them up so it’s easy to mod and swap things out and put things in. If you’re not really into coding you can skip this part but, I started with kind of making a universal form page.  All the admin options are being set up as if they are more like a configuration page, where it’s telling the universal form page what types of form components (textbox, select box etc) to put on the page.  And then that universal page figures out how to show those components.  (Does that make sense? I don’t know :p).  What this setup lets you do is for example, if you don’t like TinyMCE editor and you want to use some other editor.  You can go to the spot in the code where the universal form page grabs the code for TinyMCE and replace it with a different editor.  This will then change any TinyMCE editor to your new editor across the entire site.  You can also add new items to any of the admin options by including code in a special mod.php file that’s in the plugin folder.  I’m going to be writing up a tutorial on how exactly that works soon.  But yeah, it’s looking cool so far.  I don’t have this implemented on many pages yet, right now its just the Account Options pages, Medals pages and the Add and Edit Menu Items pages.  It’s is a little primitive right now, but hoping as I keep changing over each admin option to add more functionality to it.

As for the actual new features.  Here they are:

1) Forums - You can now search forums.  There’s an advanced option and then more simple searches on the main forum page, individual boards page and each topic page.

2) Forums - Move Topic.  You can now move forum topics around.

3) News Page - The news page is set up now to be split into separate pages.  You can set how many posts per page you want to see on the Website Settings page under Administrator Options on the My Account page.

That’s it for this update.  There is also a new theme on the themes page.  Its a League of Legends theme.  It came out pretty cool I think, so check that out if you have a League of Legends clan.  For next update, I want to keep working on getting the rest of the admin options converted over and also a donation plugin.  I also need to start working on a wiki with info on how exactly to use this new form system I’m setting up.  I want to at least get up a few tutorials.  Sorry again for no update in April, it just took too much time to figure out exactly how I was going to do the new form setup.

Link to download:

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