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Happy New Year! + New Update
posted Thu Jan 1, 2015 2:37 am

Happy New Year everyone!  The new update is finally ready.  Here is a download link:


As always, if you are updating from a previous version, please make a backup of both your files and your database before you run the updater.  Also if you are updating, I suggest, for a more seamless transition, first uploading the installer folder, running it, and then uploading the entire package.  If you upload everything all at once, your site will temporarily not work until running the updater.

Now for whats new in this update:

The main feature that was added in this one was new e-mail notifications.  You can now choose to receive e-mails when you get a PM, someone posts in a topic you started, or someone posts in a topic you also posted in.  You can also now receive e-mail reminders about events and tournaments starting.  A new option will be shown under My Account > Account Options > Email Notification Settings where you can modify which notifications you want to receive.  I suggest not to make your reminders send on too short notice.  It checks if e-mail reminders need to be sent by default every 30 minutes, you can change this in the Website Settings page.  I’ve also added the ability to e-mail members from the Compose Private Message page.

Other things that have been added are: 

1) Setting Member’s Rank from the View Member Application page (You need to have access to the Set Member’s Rank console option for it to show).

2) For events, you can set who attended/didn’t attend in bulk from a single page, rather than set each person’s status individually.  Once an event is over, a Set Attendance page will appear in the Manage Event page.  The event info page also groups the invite list showing the event managers (member’s with an event position) first, then separate sections for attended/attending, not attending/not attended.

3) Forum Stats, Unread Posts page and Recent Posts page.  The forum stats are shown at the bottom of the main forum page as well as links to the unread and recent posts pages.  You can also set how long to show unread posts as “new” from the forum settings page.  Previously after 7 days if you hadn’t viewed a forum post, it’s new indicator would disappear, now you can have that be however many days you want.

There is also a new theme based around Destiny.  You can view a preview of it here:

Let me know if you find any bugs by posting in the forums.

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year!

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