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An Update Finally!
posted Wed May 21, 2014 1:07 am

Hey guys!

I know its been a while since the last update.  So here it is!  As always before you run the updater please I BEG YOU, ON MY HANDS AND KNEES, MAKE A BACK UP OF YOUR DATABASE! :D  I’ve tested it about 10 times, it worked for me, but the off chance that something goes wrong and you lose your database, you’ll need to start over and enter everything in again.

Also there is new css that needs to be added to the btcs4.css file for your theme.  If you want to you can redownload your theme, or I’ve made a post on the forums here with the exact code that needs to be added.

As for the update.  This is a smaller update feature wise.  There’s only about 3 new things that were added.  If you’ve been on the forums, you probably know already but if not, I’ve been spending most of my time re-working the scripts.  I’m trying to set them up so it’s easy to mod and swap things out and put things in. If you’re not really into coding you can skip this part but, I started with kind of making a universal form page.  All the admin options are being set up as if they are more like a configuration page, where it’s telling the universal form page what types of form components (textbox, select box etc) to put on the page.  And then that universal page figures out how to show those components.  (Does that make sense? I don’t know :p).  What this setup lets you do is for example, if you don’t like TinyMCE editor and you want to use some other editor.  You can go to the spot in the code where the universal form page grabs the code for TinyMCE and replace it with a different editor.  This will then change any TinyMCE editor to your new editor across the entire site.  You can also add new items to any of the admin options by including code in a special mod.php file that’s in the plugin folder.  I’m going to be writing up a tutorial on how exactly that works soon.  But yeah, it’s looking cool so far.  I don’t have this implemented on many pages yet, right now its just the Account Options pages, Medals pages and the Add and Edit Menu Items pages.  It’s is a little primitive right now, but hoping as I keep changing over each admin option to add more functionality to it.

As for the actual new features.  Here they are:

1) Forums - You can now search forums.  There’s an advanced option and then more simple searches on the main forum page, individual boards page and each topic page.

2) Forums - Move Topic.  You can now move forum topics around.

3) News Page - The news page is set up now to be split into separate pages.  You can set how many posts per page you want to see on the Website Settings page under Administrator Options on the My Account page.

That’s it for this update.  There is also a new theme on the themes page.  Its a League of Legends theme.  It came out pretty cool I think, so check that out if you have a League of Legends clan.  For next update, I want to keep working on getting the rest of the admin options converted over and also a donation plugin.  I also need to start working on a wiki with info on how exactly to use this new form system I’m setting up.  I want to at least get up a few tutorials.  Sorry again for no update in April, it just took too much time to figure out exactly how I was going to do the new form setup.

Link to download:

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