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Next Update: Coming Soon!
posted Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:36 pm

The next update is almost ready!  All the new features are done, but as I continue to fine tune anything related to themes, I need to go through and get each theme up to date.  I got rid of the separate btcs4.css file for each theme and made a universal one that uses a config file to get some basic info.  Any custom stuff can still be done within a separate stylesheet.  I did this because it allows me to make minor changes to the btcs4.css file without always needing to go and update every theme’s css file.  There’s 22 themes, so getting them all updated is going to take some time :D.  I’m also going away next week and I don’t want to not be here in case of any major bugs.  I’ll have my phone and laptop with me in case anything happens related to a hosting account.

With that being said, I’m going to say the next update should be out the second week of July.  The main feature that is coming with this update is the donation plugin.  It is completely optional to use and will work similar to the social media plugins.  You can install/uninstall it and don’t even need to use it.  This is the first “official” plugin that’s taking advantage of the new hooks that I added in, so I’m excited about that.  Basically, for non-programming nerds, this plugin modifies the Add Menu Item and the Edit Menu Item pages, without actually editing code on those pages.  So hopefully in the future people will be able to make their own plugins without modifying the base code as well!

Lastly, I’m starting to use github more for keeping track of changes and kind of as a back up.  So if you are a programmer and want to make any additions, feel free to here:  Mostly everything (except for the themes) gets pushed to it, but I wouldn’t download the scripts from there and use it for your site.  I don’t always put a new sql file and there may be bugs.  It’s meant solely for development purposes.

That’s all for this post.  Thanks!

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