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Russell Westbrook recorded NBA Live Mobile
« on: September 06, 2017, 10:34:27 pm »
Russell Westbrook recorded another triple-double for the Thunder on Tuesday night and has now posted a jaw-dropping 15 this season. Draymond Green's 11 isn't far behind. Rajon Rondo has five and John Wall and Giannis Antetokounmpo are at NBA Live Mobile Coins four each. Players as disparate as Hassan Whiteside, Stephen Curry.

James Harden and Pau Gasol have all gone for two. For only the fourth time in its history, the NBA is collectively on pace for over 60 triple-doubles in a season.When it comes to statistical talismans, the triple-double reigns supreme.

In basketball circles, Oscar Robertson's 1961-62 is spoken of in the same breath as Wilt Chamberlain's scoring records from the same season. It's an accomplishment that speaks to not only the Big O's dominance, but also his ability to permeate every aspect of the game. If anyone wants a summation of why Robertson matters to this day, "He averaged a triple-double" is all you need to say. As with Wilt's 100, there is no more concise way to sum up his legacy.

The sanctity of the triple-double must therefore be protected. In a 2003 game against the Utah Jazz, free-thinking swingman Ricky Davis -- needing one more rebound to reach this benchmark -- infamously shot at his own basket.

DeShawn Stevenson, who foiled Davis with a Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins hard foul, talked about the transgression in moralistic terms. Stevenson, who himself proved to be a world-class knucklehead, accused Davis of "disrespect to the game" and worried about "little kids looking up to [Davis]."